The All New Shawn Ray TV was created out of a constant demand for real news in real time, up-close & personal!

Throughout my years of travelling the world and reporting News and Updates for other media outlets, I’ve resisted going behind the scenes to show the nuts & bolts of how our sport operates because the higher ups didn’t think it was newsworthy. No longer am I am under obligation to what any remote Editor in a cubicle thinks is “News”.

The encounters and experiences of the sports leading men, women, and companies are what make our sport so great; they all have a story to tell. With the launch of Shawn Ray TV, I am now at the freedom to share what I see through my journey. I’m here to tell it like it is.

Shawn Ray TV will feature candid interviews with the Stars of Bodybuilding & Fitness along with our sports sponsors, gym owners, product manufacturers, promoters, trainers and more!

We will showcase future Stars of Tomorrow and past All Time Greats in our “Where are They Now” Features.


This Global Coverage of All things Bodybuilding will highlight exciting events from Mr Olympia in Las Vegas to China, Italy, Poland, India, Japan and beyond!

The camera will follow me Worldwide during Meet and Greets, seminars, contests, Master of Ceremonies and Muscle Camps!

More news, more information and more opportunities for lucky fans to join me as my VIP Guest at various Shawn Ray Productions!